Category filters reappearing on instant search pages reload


We are using Algolia latest version 1.8.3 with Magento version 2.1.8. On the Instant search results page, We have experienced the unexpected behavior related to clearing the category filters.

We have reproduced this issue on base magento version 2.1.8. Please find the below video link.

Video Link:

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the website. Navigate to any category page by clicking on the category link from the top menu.
  2. From tho video, For Eg: At 0:04 sec - I have navigated to category page - (Gear -> bags)
  3. Now, We can see that category filter is applied (categories: Bags) in the left layout of the page.
  4. At 0:21 sec - Clear the filters by clicking the “Clear all” link.
  5. At 0:25 sec - Then click on any product from the product results section. Then navigate back to the category page by clicking the browser back button.
  6. At 0:40 sec - Category filter reppeared even after we removed with the “Clear all” link.
  7. At 0:46 sec - The same issue occur even with page reload. I have cleared the category filter and then reloaded the page, After the page is loaded then again category filter appears.
  8. At 1:50 sec - But when any other filters is applied and with out removing the filters if we navigate to any product page and return back to category page then please observe the filters section. Here all the filters persisted.
  9. But with the case of removing the filters, It is not persisting the filters data and instead category filters appears again.

We can see this issue in all the browsers. Request your support in resolving this bug.

Kumar Srinivas