Category Results not showing in Magento 2

Hi Team,

We are using your Algolia search for Magento 2 website. We are facing an issue of getting categories search results as always showing “No results”. Please refer the attached screenshot.

Note: We did fresh installation on latest Magento version 2.2.4. Kindly check and do the needful.

Hello @sathishkumar.sivagna,

can you check your Algolia dashboard, find categories index and see if it contains records?
If it doesn’t can you reindex Algolia categories indexer? It’ll fix the issue :slight_smile:

Hello @jan.petr,

I have tried after reindexing the categories. However, the results are not showing.

Hi @jan.petr, I’ve manually reindexed everything and I still don’t see categories in the search results. What’s more, if I go in the algolia dashboard to check my queries, I can run the same search from the dashboard or from the “build ui” section and I see the categories. If I run the same query in postman or from our magento, we always receive an empty facets object. I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t related to the api key used, or our plan?

Hi @jan.petr

we have similar issues, default/1st store category index ok other store category not show up and not index in the algolia dashboard.


Am also facing the same issue in my EE Did any one got the solution for this?