Change algolia wordpress search results page

I am using the Algolia WordPress plugin and I want to output the instantsearch.php search results inside a shortcode which can then be inserted into a page.

So the final idea is that I can create a custom search results page using a page builder, insert that shortcode, and set that page as the search results page.

I understand PHP so if you tell me the steps involved I can probably code it up. I just need some direction on what needs to be done.


Unfortunately we’ve never really dug into shortcodes for this plugin.

I’m not entirely sure of would would need to be achieved in order for it to work.

What I can tell you is that currently, all the code for instantsearch resides in the templates/instantsearch.php file, and it requires some code injected from the PHP side in this file:

Of course, required JS files also need to be enqueued in order for the search to work.