Change Name Of Autocomplete Search Input


I would like to find out if it is possible to change the input name of the Autocomplete plugin as currently it says “Submit” and we want to change it to “Search” for accessibility reasons. In the documentation I could see the option to change the ID using the parameters.

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Are you wanting to modify the placeholder or the actual input name? You can modify the Placeholder like this demo shows.

Let me know if are looking to modify the input element itself and I can pass along some information if needed. Thanks!

Hi @michael.king, I am looking for change the input name. I have managed to change the placeholder by using the params.

Thank you.

I see! It looks like the ‘Submit’ value is coming from the label for the input field, but unfortunately, there is no configuration value to change this specific value as far as I can tell.

You can however change this by using a custom renderer:

After the input is rendered you could potentially change it as a workaround, but using a custom renderer to render the modified autocomplete input would be the recommended way.

Thank you, @michael.king