Change of Theme doesn't carry over in Algolia

There is an issue that I installed Algolia in a certain Theme. This Theme gets duplicated and gets updated with the latest changes in Preview. Once this item is published on Shopify as a live theme, Alogia only gets states that the installed theme with the previous one, the one that just got replaced. I try to reinstall the Algolia to the current Theme, but it just hangs. Whenever I make a change to the sort by or other changes in the backend, it shows only in the previous Theme, not the current one.

Algolia is installed on Theme v1.3.6 which is currently active
Theme is duplicated and called Theme v.1.3.7
Changes are made to Theme v1.3.7
Theme v.1.3.7 is pushed to published
Aloglia only knows about Theme v1.3.6, but knows nothing about Theme v1.3.7
Changes in the Aloglia’s backend only appears in Theme v1.3.6, but not in Theme v.1.3.7

I think the answer to this question should solve your question.

got it. it worked. not sure why didn’t the first time, but it did now. Thanks, Angelo

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