Change operator from or to and dynamically in RefinementList

I am using angular-instantsearch to implement my Algolia search functionality, i implemented a custom RefinementList using the example found on Github:

export class RefinementListComponent extends TypedBaseWidget<RefinementListWidgetDescription, RefinementListConnectorParams> {

  // rendering options
  @Input() public showMoreLabel?: string = 'Show more';
  @Input() public showLessLabel?: string = 'Show less';
  @Input() public searchable?: boolean = false;
  @Input() public searchPlaceholder?: string = 'Search here...';

  // instance options
  @Input() public attribute: RefinementListConnectorParams['attribute'];
  @Input() public operator: RefinementListConnectorParams['operator'];
  @Input() public limit: RefinementListConnectorParams['limit'];
  @Input() public showMore: RefinementListConnectorParams['showMore'];
  @Input() public showMoreLimit: RefinementListConnectorParams['showMoreLimit'];
  @Input() public sortBy: RefinementListConnectorParams['sortBy'];
  public transformItems?: RefinementListConnectorParams['transformItems'];

  @Input() public header?: string;
  @Input() public footer?: string;
  @Input() public showFilters?: boolean = false;
  @Input() public showOperations?: boolean = false;

  public state: RefinementListWidgetDescription['renderState']; // Rendering options

  facetsSearch: FacetsSearchComponent;

    @Inject(forwardRef(() => NgAisIndex))
    public parentIndex: NgAisIndex,
    @Inject(forwardRef(() => NgAisInstantSearch))
    public instantSearchInstance: NgAisInstantSearch
  ) {

  ngOnInit() {
    this.createWidget(connectRefinementList, {
      showMore: this.showMore,
      limit: Number(this.limit),
      showMoreLimit: Number(this.showMoreLimit),
      attribute: this.attribute,
      operator: this.selectedOperation,
      sortBy: this.sortBy,
      escapeFacetValues: true,
      transformItems: this.transformItems,

  public refine(event: MouseEvent, item: RefinementListItem) {

    if (this.state.canRefine) {
      // update UI directly, it will update the checkbox state
      item.isRefined = !item.isRefined;

      // refine through Algolia API

  public onUpdate() {
    if(this.widget) this.instantSearchInstance.removeWidgets([this.widget]);
   // this.instantSearchInstance.addWidgets()

So all is good for now, but i cannot find how to change the operator value inside the widget itself, and the only resource i found was this question Change operator from or to and refine the result in Refinement List but the problem is that they are using Vue.js and i actually did not understand how they solve it, so can you guide me thought this problem please.

I really appreciate the hard work and the good product you guys have build, keep the hard work!