Change the type of numericRefinementList


I have two functions properly implemented, one with numericRefinementList and another with hierarchicalMenu. But I have a problem that I have not been able to solve with jQuery.

The refinement list is displayed on the radio button, and the hierarchical menu is displayed in a menu.
The client wants both to be in a dropdown.

These are the two widgets that speak
image image

But I need them to appear like this:

The interface is not the most important, but the customer not accepted another way. if they could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Could you share the code you used to create that in for example jsfiddle or similar, so we can make suggestions directly there. I think you’ll be able to get this interface going with some CSS, but it kinda depends on how it’s laid out.

Have a nice day

Of course,


Hey @anyeli.huertas, not exactly sure what happened, but that jsFiddle is empty for me. sorry


What I need to do in changing the menu interface, which can be mounted in a dropdown, as the image I showed above.

I hope I can help.

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I just realised that someone did this similarly already here

does that help you?