Cleanup indices

Over the years we’ve build up some few hundered indices.
I need to clean that up, however the web frontend doesn’t allow me to mass delete them.
I read I could (obviously) build an application that does that for me using the API clients, but I guess I’m not the first one to have that issue. Is there a ready made thing around, where I just need to throw credentials in and get going?
Writing software for such a routine task seem weird to me.


Hey @alex1,

Thank you for contacting us.

So you could head over to and select multiple indices, then delete them. Although it’s per page basis, you would still be able to do it fast since we’re only talking about a few hundred indices.

As you mentioned, the second solution would be to write a script for it using our API Clients.

I hope that helps!

Hi Guy,
thanks. That still takes a while. Would be brilliant if we could get page size from 10 to 100 or hide replicas.


That’s a good feedback, I will forward this to the corresponding team.

Sorry if this task is taking longer than it should, we’ll definitely note it on our end and try to improve this.