Coding guidance question vs technical question

Can some with experience with Algolia’s support explain the difference between a “coding guidance” question and a “technical question”? thanks!

On Alogila’s Pro Plan, is there a max number of questions you can ask? I see on this discussion board, you are limited :frowning:

​Thanks for your question.

​> What is the difference between a coding guidance question vs a technical question?

​Basically, anything having to do with code is not something Algolia included in our Community or Starter plans.

​Essentially, there is no difference to the two types of questions from a support point of view when you are on one of our Pro or higher plans.

On our Pro and higher plans, there are no limits to the max number of questions you can ask.

​Let us know if you have more questions!

Does the Pro plan cover “coding guidance questions”?

Hi @larryk

Yes, email support for specific coding questions. If you need more guidance and phone support, I suggest one of our Business and/or Enterprise plans.

THanks… I’m assuming I should wait til monday to get the pro, as support is leaving in 2-3 hours? OR does support work on the weekends?

We already answered this question over e-mail for @larryk, but just for anyone else following this thread:

As of today (Sept 2019) requests sent to are answered from 8am to 1am UTC from Monday to Friday. When daylight saving time is on, we provide support from 7am to 12pm (midnight) UTC from Monday to Friday. These times may expand in the future.

That said, if you post something on the community board, it very well could be answered by other members of the Algolia community. :slight_smile: