Colon in attribute name - filtering syntax


Got an index whose objects have an attribute ext:membershipRequired. This attribute has been set up for faceting. It is a boolean so can either have value true or false

The question is: How can I filter for objects which have this attribute set to true or false? Since the attribute has a colon in its name, the usual syntax won’t work i.e.

  "facetFilters": [["ext:membershipRequired:true"]]

Have tried \\: in the key, surrounding the key with \" s - not sure what else to do

Any help appreciated,


Hi Luke,

As colons are supported in the value part of a facet filter, you cannot filter against facets that have a colon in their name.

I would suggest to use an attribute which name does not contain a colon. Either by renaming ext:membershipRequired to membershipRequired (for example), or by duplicating into to another attribute (if you really want to keep the attribute with the ex: prefix).