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Hi all. My name is Daniel, I’m a dev at the popular online cloud training company A Cloud Guru. I recently built and launched the new community forum on which heavily uses Algolia to drive many of the features of the forums.

Our tech stack looks like this:

  • Firebase - source of truth db
  • Angular.js 1.5
  • AWS Lambda & API Gateway - Our serverless REST API and business logic layer
  • Algolia

We have some form of CQRS going on where we use our Firebase database as a source of truth data write model and then denormalise (quite easy to manage using index replication and custom index ranking and sorting) into Algolia. We then make most of our read queries directly to Algolia from Angular. This lets us leverage all the cool Algolia features like free text search, custom ranking and index replication. The different sorting options + pagination as well as search on this page are all achieved using Algolia.

We also were able to do some cool things using the same indexes + some additional ones by creating related thread/room/course sidebars. That can be seen in the previous link and this one.

Here’s a talk on this topic I did earlier this week in Sydney Australia. and Part 2

And the slides

Great product!! Thanks for reading


Thanks for posting Daniel! Very interesting use case and stack. The speed of the forums speaks for itself and shows what an architecture like this can achieve :ok_hand:

We, um, really liked this slide :grin: In fact @pixelastic shared it with the whole Algolia team this morning.


Thanks @dzello that makes me happy. We’re adding a whole lot of new features to the forums now that they’re rebuilt so we’re very impressed with how much it’s accelerated the development of this data and query-intensive part of our serverless web app. Thank you to the Algolia team for building such an awesome product.