Compatibility of algoliasearch_django with Django 2.2

We use algoliasearch_django in our Django-based system, which we are upgrading to run on Django 2.2 LTS (from Django 1.11). The algoliasearch_django package does not claim compatibility past Django 2.0 (per its tox.ini), but we have not seen it fail in any obvious way in our development builds.

So, I’m inclined to keep it. Can anyone speak more definitively about compatibility with Django 2.2?

(For what it’s worth, I did try the obvious thing of editing tox.ini locally to specify Django 2.2 to see what happens, but couldn’t getting a clean tox run, e.g. “AlgoliaException: Method not allowed with this API key”.)

Thanks in advance for any insight or information on this.

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Thanks for bringing this question up.

At the moment, we don’t have information about if our integration is compatible or not with Django 2.2.

Do you think you open a pull request on so we update the test suite and any code if necessary?

Nuno – thanks for the reply. Since Django 2.2 is its newest Long Term Support release I was hoping for official support. I don’t have any code for a pull request – like you, I don’t have any data on incompatibilities with Django 2.2.

I just want confidence that we can keep using algoliasearch_django in our product without problems. Do you have a timeline for updating the library to officially support Django 2.2 LTS?

We don’t have a ETA for this. Just created a GitHub issue here: Support `Django 2.2 LTS` · Issue #287 · algolia/algoliasearch-django · GitHub.

Make sure you subscribe it to get more updates on this.