Compatibility Question

We recently added a line of automotive parts to our site and are considering adding an app to our Shopify store that will allow the customer to search by Year Make and Model. Since we already have Algolia active as our search on the site, I want to be sure the two searches will be compatible with each other. Does anyone know if this will work? OR would it be possible to set up the Algolia database to do this?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hey @janet! Is the Algolia instance you are using on your site currently also through Shopify, or is it a completely separate implementation? Additionally, is the end goal to search through both datasets on the same UI? Would that UI be on a Shopify storefront, or elsewhere?

In any case, this should be possible – one way of going about this would be to use our Shopify extension to index the data, and then incorporate this data into your already built-out front-end through something like a multi-index search. On the flipside, if you’re trying to incorporate the other already existing dataset into your Shopify storefront, you would need to customize that front-end as described here.

Hope this helps – please feel free to give more specifics if you have additional questions.