Configure ACL's and permissions at a more fine-grained level

Hi All,

I am Rik,

At my job we are using algolia as a search engine.
It is working great, however currently we are collaborating with external people and I would like to give them access to specific indexes only. When I try to add them, I can only configure the permissions at 2 levels.
However, it is suggested that there is an add-on to configure more fine grained permission levels, but I need a Team advanced permissions add-on for that.
When I google, I cannot find if this is something I should install, or upgrade my subscription.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and, if so, where to find documentation on how to do this?

Any pointing into the right direction would be very helpful, or if it is not possible please let me know.

Thanks in advance


Hi Rik!

Yup, Team Advanced Permissions is an add-on for Premium/Enterprise customers. We’ll need to get you in touch with the sales team to get this turned on. I’ll reach out via DM to get details on your account and help you get to the right person!