connectHitInsights not exported by 'react-instantsearch-dom'

Hi, i was trying to set-up insights for our algolia app following this guide:

However, it seems like there is no connectHitInsights exported from ‘react-instantsearch-dom’. Is this an error in docs?

ok ,this just looks like a type issue in index.d.ts of react-instantsearch-dom

Hi @karol.kot ! If you believe you’ve found an issue in our library, please raise an issue on (or even more awesome would be submitting a PR!). :slight_smile:

Thanks @karol.kot! Can you tell us which version of React Instantsearch you’re using?

@instantsearch it looks like it exported but not sure why it’s not ending up in the .d.ts files:

Hey, its: “react-instantsearch-dom”: “6.4.0”

Hi Karol, this is actually expected, since the typings are community-maintained and on definitelyTyped: To have access to the connectHitInsights from TS you will need to either ts-ignore that line, or make a pull request to definitelytyped to have it out of the box.

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