ConnectPagination & injected hits ( react instant search )

Hi all, I’m trying to implement custom pagination with injected hits. The injected content appears on the page, then if I navigate to another page and come back to the first page, injected content ins’t there anymore. Is this the normal behavior ?

Any example online ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@remy.martiat would you be able to share a minimal reproduction of your setup so we can see your issue and try to reproduce it?

I tested this locally and it may be dependent on how you are loading the hits to inject. We had a basic example (I’ve linked below) that uses Pagination and Hit Injection and it didn’t seem to have any issues, however, they are static injections versus dynamic.

Select ‘Hits from Index’ or ‘Third-Party Hits’:

Hi Michael, thanks for your help :slight_smile:
It’s a bit difficult for me to reproduce that right now as it comes from a big dev. env. from work. I’ll try to post some code tomorrow.

I checked your link but what I saw is infinite injected hit (witth the load more button).

What I used is “connectPagination” and not “ConnectInfiniteHits”.