Contact us if you need an extended quota

Hi, Please Help!!!

Getting the error while indexing to Algolia.
{“message”:“Record at the position 0 is too big size=41511 bytes. Contact us if you need an extended quota”,“position”:0,“status”:400}

Please guide Me where and whom to request about quota extension as I got all essential data in the Object. Thanks in advance.

Hi @subhendu.gogoi

This message is not about quota extension despite the message. You have an error because your object is too big. You can not send object heavier than 10000 bytes and no paid plan can change that.

You can see how structuring your data and get thought this limitation here

Otherwise, if you could provide a more detail sample of what you’re trying to achieve, we could help you more specifically.

Hope this help;

Thanks for your reply.

But all My fields are necessary in the object. I guess I have to find some other solution for that now.

Hey, as Pierre said, it’s not advisable for performance reasons to retrieve objects that are each over 40kb, because there’s no way the data retrieval will be done in a timely way.

Could you go a bit in detail for why you need so much data in each record? You could potentially split up the records and use distinct, or split up the data over multiple indices and work that way.

I’d love to give you more detailed feedback, but your data structure kind of decides the next steps