Conversational Commerce Engine built with Algolia

Meet Sammy, our digital voice advisor that is put to work in conversational commerce, natural language processing and bridging the gap between Home Assistants and third-party apps. It is based on a product engine which is powered by Algolia and lets us search through massive amounts of products in no time and reply to the user with suitable products to purchase.

A customer is looking for a t-shirt via voice, and our digital advisor is there to help:


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If you have questions about our project, reach out to us!

We are based in Hamburg, Germany and are building a startup around conversational commerce,ai and voice tech. We are also trying to get the voice community together. If you are keen to visit or see it in action (, contact us or join one of our meetups:

We are hosting meetups every month with great speakers from the voice community and those people who work with Home Assistants, AI, natural language processing or voice user interfaces.

Feel free to share here your feedback and ideas, on this project or on other applications you might have for conversational voice search.


Impressive demo! Congrats! :100:

Thanks nicolas! Appreciating your feedback :slight_smile: