Correct way to programmatically update InstantSearch query

Hello, I have a simple requirement for my app. I have a Algolia UISearchController which behaves normally when used as a stand alone component. But I also have a Google Places search controller in the same screen. When I select a place from the second search controller I need to update the query. So I am doing something like this:

private func handleSelectedCoordinate(_ coordinate: Coordinate) {
    query.aroundLatLng = LatLng(lat:, lng: coordinate.long)
    query.aroundRadius = .explicit(50000)

I am calling search() on SingleIndexSearcher in order to invoke query change. This kind of updates the query but the hits table view starts flickering and also there are some empty cells.

Now I am trying to manually invoke searchBar’s delegate to tigger the update but this does not look clean at all:

searchController.searchBar.delegate?.searchBar?(searchController.searchBar, textDidChange: "")
query.aroundLatLng = LatLng(lat:, lng: coordinate.long)
searchController.searchBar.delegate?.searchBar?(searchController.searchBar, textDidChange: prevText)

The workaround works but it doesn’t look good. Any way to do this with the library?