Cost of Netlify Algolia Plugin

I noticed that the plugin says it’s part of the free plan

But it requires a sign-in with Algolia Crawler which is not free. Is the plugin-free, up to a certain amount, or does it cost? The last quote I got for the Crawler was 20K.

Hi @tatiana.p, the Netlify plugin indeed runs on the same backend than the Algolia Crawler, but the sign-in is performed from a special sub-page:
When you sign-in from this page, you will be redirected to your Netlify account in order to link it to an Algolia account.

Once this is done, you will have access to the “Netlify version” of the crawler interface: you won’t be able to manually create and configure crawlers, but you will have access to the same monitoring tools.

The crawlers are created/triggered automatically by the plugin. An Algolia app with a Netlify plan will also be created automatically, with 20 free units. If you need more, it can be moved later on a Pay As You Go plan, where you will pay for the extra units.

Let me know if it’s not clear enough!

Okay, I keep getting this error
Your Algolia plan does not allow you to access the Crawler.
Please contact the support or your Customer Success Manager if you want to know more.

I see, it’s indeed a known issue on our side. Can you log-off your Algolia account and retry the sign-in process? If you use the same email on Algolia and Netlify, you should arrive on a page asking you to link the account.

I’m in! Thanks for your help.

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