Could not find address in Algolia Places

I’m trying to find this address in Algolia Places:
“25-25 Broadway, Queens, NY, USA”

But there are no proper suggestions for such an address. The only suggestion I’m getting is “25 Broadway, New York, New York, United States of America” which is a different place.

The address I’m looking for is present on Open Street Map:,%20Queens,%20NY,%20USA#map=19/40.76314/-73.92757

Here are my configs for Algolia Places:
“appId”: “…”,
“apiKey”: “…”,
“type”: “address”,
“aroundLatLngViaIP”: true,
“countries”: [
“language”: “en_US”,
“insideBoundingBox”: “40.919843, -73.670011, 40.487276, -74.265333”

I’ve also tried to find this address using Algolia Places demo - the results were the same as I get in my app. The same issue is relevant for a lot of addresses near New York City (Queens, Long Island…)



I can find the corresponding address when typing “Broadway, Queens, New York” on the community website

Please note that as stated in the first paragraph of the documentaiton, Algolia Places does not provide house level precision: It will return the geolocation of a point on the street.

That being said, there are some quality defects in New York due to the fact that it’s a massive city that has many streets that share a name, and has a complex administrative structure.