COVID-19 - Community thread!

Hi everyone,

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish all of our community, their relatives and family to be safe in this special times.

We’ll be giving COVID-19 related not-for-profit websites/apps our Pro Plan for free. If you’re interested or if you know someone who is building such a website, please let us know on, with “COVID-19 Request” in the title. We’ll share more information about this very soon.

Now, we know that as developers, lots of you are now working from home. For many of us, it’s the first time we’re experiencing a full-remote experience. So we’d like to use this community place to spend some remote time together! :tada:

Please join this thread to discuss topics:

  • Tips and tricks to work remotely smoothly :woman_technologist:
  • Links and resources to help you go through these next few weeks :link:
  • Technical questions about Algolia… or anything else :mag_right:
  • News about the tech world :earth_americas:
  • Promoting coronavirus-related initiatives :rescue_worker_helmet:
  • and… fun! Feel free to share your fun memes, to take a break from your workday and have a virtual coffee with your peers. :coffee:

In this thread, we would also love to help you if you need a hand on building a Covid-19 related app or website. Let us know :raised_hands:

Take care, our beloved Algolia community.

The Algolia team


Hey Algolia team and all others!

What a great initiative! We’ve been building yesterday / An algolia backed tool to search for restaurants, cafés, bars that offer an alternative model like take-away, delivery, etc. We’re not targeting your normal take-away places, just the places in the industry that normally have tables and are now forced to close.
We want to support them with giving customers a way to find them.

We’re currently still actively developing features (today!) like:

  • Multi-language
  • Better mobile support
  • City search

We are currently only live in The Netherlands but looking to expand so if you are interested to roll this out to your country please let us know.

Of course, we’re doing this non-profit and in our spare time.

Thanks to all and feel free to get in touch for feedback or discussion!

All the best and take care,

Tarik, Nikolay, Michiel, Tom


This looks like a great project!

The map looks good, I like the popups when you click on a location.

I notice that the results on the left are not yet scrollable for me (In Google Chrome) but I assume this is something you are working on adding?

Hey Matthew,

Yeah we noticed, i’ve done a quick fix now. We will add a static header to it later today.
Active development!

All the best

Looks good! It is working for me now.

hey matthew, we’re launching Paris later today. Might be helpful for you guys!

Sounds great! and I see your number of restaurants is growing too!

This is an awesome offering! I work for a university and am an already Algolia user myself. I was wondering if algolia crawler access is included in the offering (or available as an add-on)? Some of our resources are distributed across various portfolio sites for different roles at the university so having a centralized index that is crawling of all of the other resource pages and located on the primary COVID-19 site would be great. Appreciate any information! :metal:

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Hi @ht1 - Thanks so much for asking. Right now the Crawler is separate from our Pro plan, so while you’ll be able to avail of the Pro plan for free you would still have to put in the development to index those resources using a classic Algolia indexing approach!

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Hey @julie,
Thanks a lot for the COVID-19 Pro plan, it has been super helpful for our project.
We (the team behind have built anticovid over the past week.
Anticovid is a public and open access platform with up-to-date information on all clinical trials for COVID-19. We provide high-level analysis on what is going on but you can also search through the trials yourself (thanks to Algolia:))
Thanks for the support.

Take care,

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We have built a website to help people who lost their jobs during this crisis to find new jobs by listing the companies still hiring,

Thanks Algolia for the help!

I hope this website helps anyone out there who lost his job

Kind regards,

Welcome @bruno.vegreville and @hamzabitup! Your websites are great. Thanks a lot for sharing with us, we are very happy we could help you a little in your initiatives :slight_smile:

Take care,


Here is a little something that I created as a contribution to help people stay updated on the CovidNews

Get the latest updates on stats and news relating COVID19 here

Please spread the site with friends and family so it may help others. More features being added every day to help people stay informed.

I created this website because it affects all of us. Today it’s someone else who is getting infected; tomorrow it could be us. We need to prevent the spread of this virus. We need to document the data so that people with knowledge can use this data to make informed decisions.

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Hi Algolia community, @julie we are really looking to get support from you guys. I hope you can help us. We are about to launch our initiative that will connect the people in need of help with those that are providing help during covid-19 (coronavirus) or any future pandemics. Here is our MVP: Please help us out!