Crawl is complete but its not finding my URLs

I have a website with 50+ pages. Followed the install instructions and It doesn’t;t seem to be creating a Index record and is not listing out any of my pages.

I have 2 files in my ignored section…

Bit lost as yo what I’m doing wrong or whether it’s related to the build hangs currently being experienced in Netlify.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hello @thejuniperstudio,

Thanks for your feedback.
There is an issue with Canonical and Hostname that is awaiting a deploy in production.
So the main issue of having nothing crawled will be solved very soon.
Please see Github issue:

On the other issue, we have reached out to Netlify so they can help with the build hanging,
it seems that it comes from their side (but we are all still investigating).
Netlify Github issue:

Sorry for the inconvenience, please bear with us while we fix this :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks for the response @samuel.bodin looks like the issue has been resolved now.

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Thanks for taking the time to confirm @thejuniperstudio :slight_smile:

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