Crawling issue: nbHits 0 for myProject

I’m using the project and with to create an index to my project.

However, doesn’t matter how I configure my docsearch-configs, I keep received 0 nbHits.

My website is

I’m executing a local version of it on my port 8000 and running the docker version of docsearch-scraper against it.

As a example I run, have the following config

    "index_name": "GAM",
     "start_urls": [
      "url": "http://host.docker.internal:8000/docs/criando-um-app/"
    "stop_urls": [],
    "selectors": {
      "lvl0": "h1",
      "lvl1": ".docSearch-content h2",
      "lvl2": ".docSearch-content h3",
      "lvl3": ".docSearch-content h4",
      "lvl4": ".docSearch-content h5",
      "text": ".docSearch-content p, .docSearch-content li"

I replace the for http://host.docker.internal:8000/docs/criando-um-app/, because I was running it locally.

Can anyone help on it?

:wave: Jose,

In order to better assist you, could you give us the details of what the CLI displays once you have uncommented the two following lines.

Please add the root URL page of your documentation from your configuration in order to define the allowed domain to crawl.

Your start_urls should looks like:
“start_urls”: [

You might want to remove the port too.

Hope it helps.

Happy coding