Crawling with 0 records from vuepress document site

I am using ,ocsearch-scraper to run my own scraper for a vuepress doc site

here get this result:

> DocSearch: http://120..0.0.1:1212 0 records)
Crawling issue: nbHits 0 for test_doc

here is my config file:

  "index_name": "test_doc",
  "start_urls": ["http://http://120..0.0.1:1212"],
  "stop_urls": [],
  "selectors": {
    "lvl0": {
      "selector": "",
      "global": true,
      "default_value": "Documentation"
    "lvl1": ".theme-default-content h1",
    "lvl2": ".theme-default-content h2",
    "lvl3": ".theme-default-content h3",
    "lvl4": ".theme-default-content h4",
    "lvl5": ".theme-default-content h5",
    "text": ".theme-default-content p, .theme-default-content li",
    "lang": {
      "selector": "/html/@lang",
      "type": "xpath",
      "global": true
  "strip_chars": " .,;:#",
  "custom_settings": {
    "attributesForFaceting": ["lang"]

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!

not support URLs with a port .