Creating a tag based search with multiple indexes

Hi, I’m trying to create a tag based search:
I have 2 indexes: tags and posts.

// TypeA - can contain aultiple tags
// TypeB -contain only single tag
tags: {
   name: string,
   type: (TypeA|TypeB)
posts: {
title: string,
TypeB: tagBB

The user is searching for tags each time he is selecting a tag from the auto-suggested tag list (tags index)
after clicking on a tag we want to change the query for the posts index to filter by the tag type (not free text)
for example, if the user selected tag type TypeA with a name of foo we want to return from the posts index only the posts that contain foo inside TypeA array.

We are running on react stack.
How can I gain access to tagFilters in the posts index?

I added some ui examples