Creating Dynamic Replicas

Hello everybody!!
I have a question.
I have an index of documents which each one has a object of objects and each one contain an unique key and number. This object of objects is not the same for all documents, so it change from one document to another.
So I wanna create virtual replicas, so that each one allows me to make a sorting according to different combinations of keys from the nested object.
My problem is that the possible combination of sorting is huge as the keys are at least 100.
My question is: it is possible to create dynamically virtual replicas while my app is running, so when I receive a query, I create a new virtual replica, and then consume it?
Taking into consideration that replicas from previous queries are stored, if need them again later.

Thanks for your time reading!!

While you can create and delete virtual replicas using the setSettings API, but this feels like a strong anti-pattern. I question whether this is the most effective way for users to search across your documents. Algolia is most powerful when you are showing results based on textual relevance with filtering based on certain attributes.

Without knowing your specific data – I wonder if this is more of a case for dynamic faceting.

You may even want to consider flattening your complex objects to assist with this. See Indexing long documents | Algolia