CTR and No Click Rate doesn't add up

If I understand those two metrics right (CTR and No Click Rate), the total number should be 100% right?

In our case de CTR is around 46% and the No Click Rate around 14%. Is something wrong with our implementation? Or do I misunderstand the metrics?

Thanks in advance!


As explained here in the documentation the two metrics are defined as:

  • No click rate: Percentage of searches that returned results but didn’t generate any clicks
  • CTR: Percentage of tracked searches (searches with clickAnalytics = true) where at least one result was clicked on by the user

If all of your searches are tracked, the number should add up. However, if you don’t track some of the searches, the sum won’t be equal 100%.

Does it make sense for you?
Have a good day

Thanks for the quick reply. We’ll look into this.