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I’ve been looking forward to use Algolia on a real side-project since a long time.
Since 2019, I’m working on Curated, a SPA focused on a great quality content to build a searchable base of design knowledge. It’s still very early, but I’ll launch my public beta next week.

As a former teammate but also as a product lover, I wanted to share with you how I used React Instantsearch :point_right:

First thing first, I’m not a developer, so I used small hacks to build my Beta product.
Today you can have something easily with very much. Even a simple Google Spreadsheet as my database to have an UI where I can manipulate is ok. I can improve my data without API knowledge : I’ve splitted my sheets between what’s in production, what’s in progress, or even gather submissions with a Google form.

Google Sheets

Then I’m exporting everything via the add-on Export Sheet Data directly in JSON.
With a tiny list of updated files, I can drag and drop then into the Algolia’s UI.

Little note for the team, it’s a bit frustrating to be forced to clear an indice, then add a new JSON.
Instead, I was more looking something like adding a new JSON and Algolia is updating the indice based on the diff. (If it exist, I still didn’t find how to do it) :man_shrugging:t2:

Algolia Dashboard

I’m generating this small Card component that is used in a grid accross the app. It was very quick and easy to setup. Thanks to the new doc with the Widget Showcase part. From my POV, that’s the best page of your doc and it was one of the page I used the most. Either to navigate between the doc of each component, or just to visualize and find exactly what I need (the small switch are very clever!) :raised_hands:t2:

Hits code snippets

And voilà :tada:

Curated UI

As a designer, I’m really stocked to achieve the beginning of this long term project like I seen it.
Thanks to you for building a great product keep pushing team :facepunch:t2:


For working with JSON, you can check out Algolia CLI, a command line version which deal with things like diffs in JSON. cc @sepehr.fakour!


Thanks @haroen I will take a look at it :raised_hands:t2:

Btw if I can add a suggestion, I wished it was possible to add the “createurl” param by default without having to build a custom widget.

Thanks for your feedback on the Widget Showcase! As someone who used it for a real use case, do not hesitate to send us any tips for improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

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