Current Refined Values inside an <ul>

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to put currentRefinedValues items as an <li> inside an <ul>?

Currently I have this:

<script type="text/template" id="current-refinements-template">

            <span class="current-refinement-label">{{name}}</span>

    container: '.search-tags--list',
    clearAll: 'after',
    templates: {
        item: document.getElementById('current-refinements-template').innerHTML,

The HTML output from widget is:

        <div class="ais-root ais-current-refined-values">
        <div class="ais-body ais-current-refined-values--body">
        <div><div class="ais-current-refined-values--list">
        <div class="ais-current-refined-values--item">
        <a class="ais-current-refined-values--link" href="io/test/index?q=&amp;hPP=10&amp;idx=companies&amp;p=0&amp;">
   <li>"my facet text"</li>

But what i need is more like this:
<li> {{HTML output from widget}} </li>

Any help is highly aprrecciated.

Hi there,

Are you using InstantSearch.js v2+?

If so, you should use connectors to provide a rendering that is based on li / ul’s. Here are some links:

thank you for your help, will try your suggestion.