currentRefinedValues not clearing


I’m using the instantsearch.widgets.currentRefinedValues widget but for some reason it doesn’t clear the refined values I’ve set by default (via the searchParameters). I need to click it twice before the filter goes away.

For other filters it works as expected.

I use these facets in another widget as well and when I try to remove the active filter in the widget it unchecks the checkbox but it doesn’t change the search results.

You can see this issue at

And for some reason the default selected model isn’t selected in the widget Modellen. Any idea what might cause this?

Hi @mark

It seems you are forcing the definition of your facets as both disjunctive and conjunctive:

	var search = instantsearch({
	  appId: window.algoliaAppId,
	  apiKey: window.algoliaApiKey,
	  indexName: window.algoliaIndexName,
	  urlSync: true,
	  searchParameters: {
	  	facetsRefinements: window.searchRefinements,
	  	disjunctiveFacetsRefinements: window.searchRefinements,
		facets: window.searchFacets, // HERE
		disjunctiveFacets: window.searchFacets // HERE

And the JS Helper does not support such configuration. Widget do this configuration for you normally, but I see you want to add some default values.

I suggest that you try a more subtle approach only defining once the facets disjunctive or conjunctive based on their usage in the widgets. For example, a facet attribute that is later used in a refinement list with the operator value and will be conjunctive (using the facets and facetsRefinements attributes), conjunctive otherwise.

Let me know if that answers your question.