Custom cart using back end to send conversion events but not showing in analytics

Edit: It looks like I have found the problem, all events were using “clickedObjectIDsAfterSearch” which of course is wrong. Fresh eyes and all that.

My apologies if I’ve wasted anyone’s time.

We are using the PHP API for Insights to send events to Algolia. The events we’re using are:


The events are registering in the Events Hub but there is no conversion data, even though we are sending the product_addToCart and product_purchased events.

I took a look at the information Algolia is receiving for one of the product_addToCart events and took screenshots.

The Query details tab is a little disconcerting even though we are passing the same queryID that we get from the search results (yes we have clickAnalytics set to true). We are also passing the userToken in the search request. Also in the Event Validity tab all of the attributions have the same result as the first two.

Does anyone have any ideas or is there more information I can give to make working this out a bit easier?


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Just adding here so we can include as a solution: