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Hello All, here is my show-and-tell using Algolia. Custom Channels is a streaming music company for businesses, we handle all the licensing and streaming.

I recently rebuilt our music search application to use React for the user-interface and Algolia to handle searching using the artist and track name. Another awesome Algolia feature is the ability to search and filter on facets. All our music is “tagged” with metadata which is used as track facets.

The experience developing with Algolia has been great. Looking forward to rebuilding our Admin Customer Search.

Artist / Title Track Search

Track Tag Search


Thanks for posting! I’d imagine, being music-centric, there are tons of options for metadata fields. How many does your team track inside Custom Channels?

We do the basics like title, artist, album, year, album art, but then beyond that we code the songs in to “Styles”, like “All 90s”, “Hip Hop”, etc. There can be multiple styles for a song.
We then add additional “tags” as facets. These can be descriptive words for songs like “whiskey drinking music”, “party jams”, “guitar solo”. What ever really can best describe the song. This allows our customers to search on the facets for songs they want to add to their playlists. In the picture above I have the facets filtering for songs that are “rock, summer, male vocalists”. Pretty cool stuff. Algolia made it really easy to build.

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Awesome! Thanks for the added info.

Also, that last sentence is music to my ears. :smiley: