Custom connectRefinementList

I would like to create a series of custom widgets (input facet) from a list of attributes, is it possible?

How can I switch to this works a list and view it?
The way I’m trying it doesn’t work, because it only displays the last one I give it.

Example list for facet:
var list = [“genderName_text_es_mv”, “price_mxn_string”, “brandName_text_es_mv”]

var customRefinementList = instantsearch.connectors.connectRefinementList (renderFn);

search.addWidget (
customRefinementList ({
containerNode: $ (’# node’),
attribute: list (?!?!?!)

I would like to use this:

In fact, I don’t know how many attributes I get and it has to be dynamic


Hi @claudio.delbono, Our latest documentation is here. Would it be possible to create a codesandbox to help us troubleshoot further? We have starter templates here. Could you also provide more information about what you are trying to accomplish? If I understand correctly, you may need a separate refinement list for each attribute.

Hi @cindy.cullen yes, I would like to create a series of custom refine, for example through a list of dynamic attributes that arrive.
the containers should be dynamic and list dependent, not defined in the HTML file and I would like to use “InstantSearch.js”.
Are there no examples of this?

Hi @claudio.delbono,

Thank you for asking. No, there is really no example of this since you would have to diff which attribute values stay and which are meant to be added / removed.

While we do not have an approach for you to achieve this, if you can create that custom widget, you can then leverage it using addWidget and removeWidget

Sorry for any inconvenience.