Custom Hierarchical widget, that is actually conjunctive faceting

So I’m thinking of creating a custom widget that acts like hierarchical facet widget, but that is actually doing conjunctive filtering.
I’d be trying to implement something like this:

Once you select the first level, you are presented with a second level of facets. Selecting a second level item would filter the results like this: Arts & Culture [AND] Acting

Something this this would be be useful for when you want to associate two different data objects in your data set, but still want to keep them separate structurally.

Also maybe you just like checkboxes instead of hierarchical widget links :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone ever tried this or have an example in this vein? Any ideas on the direction you would need to go in?

Hi @matucci

Unfortunately, this is currently not achievable but that’s a feature on our backlog.

You can follow the discussion about it on this github thread:

Aww thats unfortunate :frowning:

Do you think creating a custom hierarchical widget is still possible? You would recreate the hierarchical widget functionality, but when you select an item to filter by, you actually just do a regular conjunctive facet search?

Hey @mattuci, we think that this might need work on the helper level but you can give it a try and let us know how it went :slight_smile: