Custom RangeInput: split min and max in the CurrentRefinement widget doesn't work


I’ve built a custom RangeInput where the Min value and the Max value need to be split in two different items in the CurrentRefinement widget, so instead of having min < filter < max, I have filter: minValue and filter: maxValue.

Unfortunately when I click to remove only one of the filters (e.g. the min one) they both get removed. Any ideas?

Hi Carmine,

So that we can troubleshoot together, can you share this basic implementation via using one of the templates found here:

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your reply!
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Hi Jason,

thanks for getting back to me.
Here’s the link to the sandbox

Use case: apply a min and a max filter, you should see both in the CurrentRefinement widget underneath. Click to remove one of the filters. Both filters get removed.


P.S.: I’ve just noticed that the RangeInput on the Widgets Showcase page shows exactly the same behaviour that I’d like to achieve. Could you tell me more about that implementation?