Custom style for refinement list items widget

Hi guys ,I need to display my refinementList in horizontall alignment (one itme next to the other).
I have been testing with custom classes but could not succeed.
Is there any simple way to doy it ?
I noticed that an extra div is added to each item , but can not manipulate it.
just in case, if manually add a display:inline property to those divs I can get the desired horizontal display.
Any ideas ?

Is it possible to create a dropdown or select menu with refinement items as well ?

btw: already looked into official docs.

Hi @leandro

I think the dropdown/select menu is an easy one if what you want to accomplish matches up with this widget:

For the horizontal list, are you hoping to use dynamic refinement values, or do are you just looking to use static category headers (mens/womens, topics, etc.)?

thanks @chuck.meyer , this is exactly what I need.

Glad that helped. A colleague also turned me onto this guide for using horizontal refinement lists that may help further: