Customize Search Feature

Hey guys,
We would like to use your app but we have a few questions, our site is customized to show specific products based on a users tag and product tag. For instance if a customer is tagged with CA, they only see products tagged with CA, customers tagged with national only see products tagged with national. Are we able to add this feature to your search app? when searching products we dont want customers tagged with national to be able to search and find products tagged with CA.

Thank you for your time


Thanks for reaching out. I am Alex developer at Algolia working on the Shopify Integration! Nice to meet you.

The short answer is no you can’t. The reason for that is simple, the user object provided by Shopify is available in the template file (.liquid) while the Algolia implementation is in the Javascript. So there’s actually no way to make the link between both.

Let me know if you have other questions,