Customizing InstantSearch

I am customizing InstantSearch but not sure what the correct way to show.
I couldn’t find any relevant method in algolia_helper.js

  • product tile
  • product description
  • product variant title

I used these methods in hogan template,

  • product title: [[& _highlightResult.title.value ]]
  <a data-algolia-position="[[ productPosition ]]" data-algolia-queryid="[[ queryID ]]" data-algolia-objectid="[[ objectID ]]" href="[[# helpers.instantsearchLink ]][[/ helpers.instantsearchLink ]]" onclick="void(0)" title="[[# helpers.fullTitle ]][[/ helpers.fullTitle ]]">
    [[& _highlightResult.title.value ]]
  • product variant title: [[& variant_title]]
<p class="ais-hit--variant_title">
  [[& variant_title]]
  • product description: not sure how I can show.

Anyone can help me to show product title, description, variant title?


In the documentation, it seems that we provide an helper to display the variant title using fullTitle

You can also refer to this schema to know what is inside your record

For the description, it might be ** body_html_safe**.

Best regards,

Thank you @samuel.bodin
It helped me.