Data.images.shop_catalog is undefined

I have a website created by using WordPress and WooCommerce.
After last update of WordPress, “Algolia Search for WooCommerce” plugin and “Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results” plugin - products are not displayed any more.
Re-indexing was complete without any problems.

Also I have an error at the console: “TypeError: data.images.shop_catalog is undefined”.

Now all products have only “thumbnail” (at the Algolia Indices), but should have also “medium”, “medium_large”, “large”, “yith-woocompare-image”, “admin-list-thumb”, “album-grid”, “shop_thumbnail”, “shop_single” and “shop_catalog

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Hi @roni,

The behaviour you describe is now expected.

You can read more about it here:

Let me know if that helps.

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Thank you! This solution helped me!

Can you help me with one more issue?
After update I have empty “filters”

Hey @roni, could it be that you already had that issue before?

It seems like the border has been added to a container around the refinement filters, but that those do not disappear.

Looking forward to help you out,

Thank you for you answer!
No, we have Production server, which working with “Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results” v 1.6.0 and we don’t have this issue