Data is disappearing for an index

Hi all,
I upload all my data to Algolia. The last about 140 data I uploaded are automatically deleted. This does not happen in another index within another app. When I first added the last data I added, I saw that the data remained. So I thought the problem was related to the number of records. But there is no more data than the limit. For example, when I first uploaded, the number of records is 2197, but after 15 minutes it becomes 2058. After loading the data, I stop the service, but the data is deleted again, so there is no problem with my service connected to Algolia. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have any duplicate objectIDs or are you generating them dynamically? Which of our clients are you using? Some more information would be appreciated, however, I can assure you there is no issue with Algolia’s data ingestion.


Hi Michael, you are right. It was about the my other service and fixed. Thank you so much for your time!

No problem! Glad you were able to get the issue resolved. Good luck!