dataLayer.push() for GTM (assync ajax of page content)

Hello. I noticed weird problem.
dataLayer.push({ event: 'Hits Viewed' }); works one time only after render page. HTTP 200 and all data-insights-* in events debug.
But if same ajax method loading more items (for page #2) - GTM send event, but HTTP 422 error and data-insights-* attributes absent in events body.
Why I can’t use .push() second time in assync load of content and render of page?

Hi @yura

Is there an error string associated with the 422 in your console? It could be we’re losing one of the required datum for the event.

One other common problem that leads to this error is passing too many objects in a single event. There is a hard limit of 20 objectIDs in an event call:

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