Deduping data between react-instant-search and redux

Hello there :wave:

The data we store in Algolia contains embedded objects so that we don’t have to fetch them from our own backend. Something like:

hits: [
      id: a,
      title: 'foo',
      data: { ...otherStuff }

However, this now means that we have two potential locations to check for data: Redux or the data prop.

We normalize our data in Redux and are thus considering piping the results from connectInfiniteHits into Redux. This means that the connected (via connectInfiniteHits) component will be purely responsible for dispatching a normalization action to Redux rather than passing hits down as a prop.

  1. Have other users encountered a similar issue around duplication of data?
  2. How have they resolved the two? Are there other approaches besides integrating Algolia data into redux?