Default category page not working after install Algolia


I have installed Algolia search extension in magento 2, Its working properly for all pages on header. But i don’t want to use extension on category page so i set it No from configuration.

After set it No magento default category page not working properly. Left side layered navigation not working and not display the right result.

Please advice me how to fix that issue,

Thank You.

Hello @winglye,

I’m sorry to hear you have issues. We are aware of the issue and we’re working on it.
For now, could you give a try to this PR It should fix your issue.

Let me know if you’ll manage to apply it and if it helps you.


Hello Jan,

Thanks for provide solution but still not working.

Left Bar layered navigation not working.Please check bellow screen shot.

Please let me know any other solution if you have.

Please reply me ASAP

Thank you.

Hello @winglye,

I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you. We’re working on this issue, but we don’t have any solution yet.
I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for understanding.

Hello @winglye,

finally have a solution which seems to be final for us and other customers.
PR is here:

But you don’t have to apply the change from the PR, it’s enough when you disable “Replace Categories” settings:

Let me know if it works for you! Thanks!