Delete multiple indexes at once


Is there a way to delete multiple indexes at once?


Already found the solution.

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Cool! Can you share your solution for future readers to see?

Sure @jason.harris, sorry about that.


  1. Click on Indices on the left-hand side menu you will land on the indices page with some of them selected.
  2. At the top you will see one of the indices selected and next to it, on the left, a blue link Indices
  3. Click on the blue link and you will land on a page that lists all you indices
  4. From this page you can click on the link SELECT ALL
  5. With any of the indices selected you’ll be able to click on the DELETE x INDICES on the top-right side

You can also use the search box in order to list the desired indices and then use the SELECT ALL to delete them.

I hope it helps :wink:


This is great. Thank you!