Deleted posts in wordpress not synchronizing

Whenever I edit an entry in WordPress Algolia immediately synchronizes,however if I delete a post it seems to stay in the index until I perform a manual re-index. says that the index should be synchronized automatically whenever a post is deleted.

Can you think of any reason why this might not be happening, or anything I can do to make it happen.

Hi @mark.james,

This should not happen.

Are you dealing with multiple environments (staging / prod), and maybe sharing indices between both?

Anyway, we are about to bring a fix soon that will ensure better consistency on this specific use case.

Please track the following issue:

Speak soon,

Thanks, I shall keep a lookout.

In the meantime I have discovered that a post is deleted if some sort of change is made. For example changing a category in quick edit and immediately deleting.

It’s probably that you are suffering from some kind of meta discrepancy. Could be related to some caching plugin.

We will no longer rely on metas in the near future so this will fix by itself.