Deleting tutorial indices to drop below records limit

My trial ended today. My intention was to stay on the free plan till I grew out of it, but my account was ‘suspended’ b/c I was over the records limit.

My index only had 600 records, but one of the tutorial indices had 10k records, which I realize now counts against the limit.

I’m admittedly a little vexed by this, as I don’t think the impact of tutorial data on the account limit was made clear at all. I’m more frustrated, though, by the fact that Algolia didn’t notify me at all re: my imminent account suspension–I had to figure it out the hard way, when my app stopped working.

The worst part, though, was that I couldn’t delete the tutorial index until I upgraded to a paid account.

I’m fine staying on the paid tier at this point, but I’d love it if you all could make that free trial -> free plan transition a little smoother (or at least make it clear that an account suspension is imminent).

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for you candide feedback. I am very sorry if you were annoyed with that. We’ve switched your account to a free plan. We send reminders before the end of the trial period but these emails could be more useful if they notify people about overusing quota. We will definitely take this into consideration :slight_smile:

Thank you again and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Thanks Karim- will I get refunded for the first month’s fee I paid?

And please double-check your email notifications. This is a screencap of every email I’ve ever received from Algolia. Note that the last one sent during my free trial was “Algolia Usage from Oct 23 to Oct 29,” so no such warnings were sent afaik.