Did Algolia support bulk import feature of magento 1.9

Hey guys, Using Algolia extension for magneto 1.9, It’s working fine for manual update of products. Does it support bulk upload feature of Magento. Thanks

Hi Abdul,

I believe you will need to launch the product reindex after bulk upload. This could be something we support in the future, I will opened an issue on our bug tracker.

Hello Abdul,

can I ask you what you mean by “bulk upload”?

If you mean that you’re importing products in bulks, then it depends on implementation of the import script. The extension listens on every change (insert, update, delete) of a product and when there is a change it pushes updated data to Algolia.
But if the import script doesn’t support the standart Magento “update” event, you’ll have to trigger a full reindex after the bulk upload as Julien said.

Would that work for you?