Difference between algoliasearch-client-javascript and instantsearch.js

Hey guys,

I wasn’t sure so I figured I’d ask here.

What exactly is the difference between these projects.
Is the former the client to access all functions the Algolia Rest API has to offer and the latter the same but with widgets on top to handle UI and not having to create it from scratch?
Or is there any other difference I am not seeing?

If I want to build a polymer element using Algolia I would use the algoliasearch-client-javascript for the requests and handle everything else myself or does it make sense to use instantsearch.js here?


Hey @Sascha,

You got it right, the client is a js wrapper to access Algolia’s REST API (with smart retry logic). Then, you have the following libraries:

InstantSearch.js: minimal configuration necessary; provides drop-in UI widgets for the most common search design patterns, including result display, pagination, filtering and faceting.
JS Helper: provides robust functions and event handling to keep track of and modify search state at a deeper level
Autocomplete.js provides an as-you-type, autocomplete search experience for text inputs

For more info, check the docs here.

In your case, if you don’t have any UI, you can use either the client, or the JS helper, depending on your use case.


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