Difference between Free plan and Standard plan

According to https://www.algolia.com/pricing/, Standard plan includes 10 free units.

  1. Does it mean 10 free units per month or just once?
  2. What are the restrictions of the Free plan in comparison to the Standard one besides “Up to 10 units”? The pricing page does not clarify that.
  3. On the FAQ page there is a Counting indexing operations section, followed by a Counting indexing operations on Standard and Premium plans section with “For users on our Standard and Premium plans, we don’t count indexing operations towards your usage” note. Does it mean that the first section is applied to the Free plan and that the indexing operations are counted on the Free plan?
  1. Seems that it’s monthly, according to the pricing calculator:

  2. This question is still actual. What is the difference between Free and Standard plan if my usage is below 10 units/month?

Hi @anantakrishna.kem.

  1. Yes the 10 free units is every month.
  2. The free and standard plans have different features available on them. You will be able to compare the features for these plans when you upgrade or change your plan. You can also see the features offered on the standard plan on the pricing page: https://www.algolia.com/pricing/. The free plan is also limited to only 10 units of usage a month whilst the standard plan allows higher usage.
  3. The current free plan counts indexing operations in the same way as our standard and premium plans

Thank you for your kind reply.

Indeed. When I clicked “Upgrade”, it showed the following comparison table.

It’s counter-intuitive that the Free plan is missing in the comparison table on the public pricing page. Perhaps, due to marketing considerations :slight_smile: